Chixdiggit! Drops Fully Remastered Material in Double Diggits

Chixdiggit!Celebrating over 20 years together as a band, Canada’s eminent pop punk band Chixdiggit! have just dropped Double Diggits July 23.

Double Diggits, a one disc reissue of some of the band’s classics, Born on the First of July (1998) and From Scene to Shining Scene (2000) is now smoothly equipped and remastered.

The album features 24 fully remastered, catchy and fast paced pop punk tracks and I’m not even “punking” you, (pun intended) an added 8 rare bonus tracks!

Also, good news for vinyl lovers, while both LP’s have been out of print, Fat’s is reissuing them as well and with all the perks of the CD (re-mastered plus added bonus tracks).

Punk deity, Fat Mike (lead singer and bassist for NOFX) had taken the liberty in reissuing the two albums as a one disc deal with the compliments of Mike’s San Francisco-based independent punk label, Fat Wreck Cords.

Both albums were both initially released through Fat’s junior label, Honest Dons but Fat’s fully remastered the two and meshed them onto one disc which you can purchase through the good folks at Fat’s.

Chixdiggit was originally founded by four guys who couldn’t even play an instrument. The boys began branding and selling enough band t-shirts at their high school for of their yet fictitious band in 1990. Things quickly changed as the boys gathered up enough money to buy a drum set and have been what they’ve been since and people have been digging it.

Chixdiggit! oozes pop punk in every sense with a refreshing twist and the release of Double Diggits proves this. Frontman and lead vocalist KJ Jansen morphs his pop-melodic voice and lyrics with speedy punk tempos. The instrumentals offer exciting chord changes and loud guitar riffs throughout the album.

Double Diggits is a perfect reminiscent of that good old, nostalgic, 90’s punk sound, similar to that of NOFX or The Offspring. DD is definitely an album that you need to purchase and pop in and cruise to on a summer day or any day for that matter!

Chixdiggit! - Chupacabras:

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