Cinquanta: A Perfect Circle, Pusicfer and FAILURE

A Perfect CircleThis past weekend hosted two of the most heavily epic nights at the renowned outdoor Greek Theatre – Los Angeles. All of us unworthy fans were blessed with a two-night residency of A Perfect Circle, Puscifer and FAILURE. Need I say anymore? I will.

“Cinquanta”: Maynard James Keenan’s (TOOL, APC, Puscifer) 50th birthday bash done right. A rednecked-out picnic with a variety of spirits being passed around a fake flaming pit with lawn chairs and tables all nestled by an airstream camper. Leave it to Maynard’s brilliantly eccentric taste.

Seeing that MJK is covering all grounds here; performing in APC, Puscifer as well as jumping in with FAILURE, the show strategically alternated between the bands’ sets.

Let’s start with the insanely nostalgically-pleasing opening act – FAILURE. This band will forever hold a place in my heart.

Failure – an alternative, space rocky, power-pop band hailing from the streets of Los Angeles. The guys started up in ‘90 dropping their first LP – Comfort (‘92). They then released their second LP – Magnified (‘94) where they then started touring with the LEGENDARY band TOOL (MJK.) They then came out with their last album, Fantastic Planet (‘96).

MJK took such a liking to FAILURE that he personally asked the guys to tag along for some shows, reignited the flame, thus a reunion went down. Thank the Music gods.

All original members Ken, Greg and Kelli from FAILURE opened up their first set with “The Nurse Who Loved Me” with MJK, Billy Howerdel (APC, ASHES DIVIDE) and Carina Round. They then went on to play “Sergeant Politeness” and ended the first set with “Dirty Blue Balloons.”

FAILURE’s set focused on songs from their latest studio album Fantastic Planet.

The guys MJK, Billy, James, Matt and Jeff from A Perfect Circle opened up their first set with “The Package” (with Carina Round) then went on to perform “Rose” and ended their first set with “The Noose.”

APC’s set focused on songs from their first two studio albums Mer De Noms (‘00) and Thirteenth Step (‘03)

MJK and Puscifer opened up with the lovely “Vagina Mine“, then to “Polar Bear” and “Breath” right before the night’s first break went down.

Let’s not forget to mention that TOOL bassist Justin Chancellor took the stage when Puscifer surprised us with TOOL’s ‘Sober,’ while drummer Danny Carey also sat in with Puscifer, playing on four songs.

Let’s talk more about FAILURE though. I love these guys and am stoked on their reunion.

They performed their first show since ‘97 at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles this past February of 2014 and opened for TOOL just months ago.

Apart from Cinquanta, FAILURE‘s reunion tour “Tree of Stars” will take place during May and June of 2014.

A tour exclusive EP entitled Tree of Stars will be available. The EP will contain 4 live tracks and their first new song since their latest album Fantastic Planet entitled “Come Crashing” which was released yesterday on the band’s bandcamp.

I’m happy to say that the band currently has a new album in the works. Their fourth album, is expected to be released in early 2015. This will be the guy’s first album in over eighteen years. It’s about time. LISTEN TO THEM, SEE THEM.

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