CIRCO releases “Se Abre El Cielo” featuring CONOCIENDO RUSIA

The acclaimed Puerto Rican band CIRCO joined the Argentine rock band CONOCIENDO RUSIA, to create their new single “Se abre el cielo“. This special collaboration was accompanied by a music video, and is now available on all digital music platforms. The song, released under the La Buena FortunaMusic record label, was produced by all CIRCO members: José L. Abreu, José David Pérez, Edgardo Santiago and Orlando Méndez.

Uniting the sounds of Puerto Rico and Argentina, “Se abre el cielo” is a piece full of pleasant melodies, representing the contrast of emotions that collide with each other when people let go of a dying love and celebrate freedom.

Mateo Sujatovich (member leader of Conociendo Rusia) comes to us out of curiosity. We discovered his artistic proposal by browsing the musical networks of cyberspace and we were immediately attracted by his musicality and history. He is a young artist, but with an ancestral baggage of timeless classics. We sent him the song and he immediately caught on to infuse his vocal performance and guitar complement. It has been a beautiful experience to share our music with Mateo and the beginning of a beautiful friendship”, expressed Fofé, vocalist of CIRCO.

Musically, CIRCO presents a representative song of ArtRock that defines the style of the band. “Se abre el cielo” is a song by José L. Abreu aka Fofé, which rests on the rhythmic fusion of the Yubá (one of the different rhythms of the Puerto Rican Bomba), an emotional melody full of feeling and intentionally dramatic lyrics.

“Se abre el cielo” seemed very beautiful to me from the introduction, I think it embodies Argentine national rock with a melody that reminded me of Charly García from the beginning. I felt part of it the moment I listened to it, and with the expression “Get rid of you”, I understood that it is a song that has to do with me.

The music video was filmed between Puerto Rico and Argentina, under the direction of Puerto Rican Maleja Rodríguez, who commented on it: “The concept of the piece is inspired by the musicians who compose and perform it. We are generally used to seeing them from a comfortable place with their instruments. On this occasion, I decided to give it a more elevated tone by removing them, as well as the viewer, from the comfortable zone. There are times when pain brings us unexpected joys, therefore, I guided Fofé to a calmer and more emotional place where he would transmit the feeling through interpretation. Mateo already carries it with simplicity and it is there that his piece makes itself look different.”

“The color palette is very important and meaningful to me. The color that I was framing was born from a deep look at them and from my particular taste. I worked on photography in collaboration with Juanky Álvarez, an expert in visual arts; managing to intimate and invade their emotions with the camera. CIRCO represents a piece of art, and the visual objective is: every time you look at it, it will generate different emotions in you,” Rodríguez concluded.

CIRCO continues to add successes to their extensive career, and with this new song, together with Conociendo Rusia, they seek to conquer new audiences in the Latin alternative music scene.

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