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Philadelphia native bass player Tony “Cisco” Marisco and guitar and harmonica player and vocalist Darren “Dewey” Falcone moved the crowd Thursday night.

Over 100 Grammy Museum members and music fans alike gathered inside the Clive Davis Theater to see the duo session players perform.

Joining them were two other talented session musicians, Pete Anderson on the guitar and Gary Mallaber on the drums.

Scott Goldman, Vice President of the Grammy Foundation, moderated the event.

Leading up to the performance the four musicians reminisced and discussed their backgrounds, artists that inspired them and the start of their bands, which began in garages and basements.

They also gave advice to any musicians in the audience.

The live performance Cisco and Dewey gave the audience was outstanding. The duo performed songs from their debut album “Cisco and Dewey,” which was released last year, including “Land of the Endless Sun,” and “Goodbye Little Bluebird.”

Their album can be previewed and downloaded through a link on their homepage.