Citizen Zero’s New LP has everyone in a good “State of Mind”

The Detroit-based band has come a long way and is ready to show the world what they’ve got to offer with the release of their LP “State of Mind” on August 12th. This highly anticipated debut studio LP is not only something that fans have been waiting for, but something that will set a new platform for the band.

Citizen Zero keeps their modern rock/grunge sound throughout “State of Mind”. Not only does it keep with the classic rock sound that the band is known for, but it changes the sound even throughout songs themselves. Of course the heavy guitar is most of the songs makes for great head banging, as well as the solos making you rock out even more. The guitar solo right before the bridge in “When the Rain Comes” shreds hard and gives the song a powerful sound that shines through the LP. It’s not just the instrumentals that give this LP a solid sound, but the raspy, classic rock n roll vocals just bring the entire sound full circle. In “Bangin’ In The Nails”, the vocals shine while the instrumentals take a back seat to create a softer sound then most of the other songs, but don’t worry the guitar solo in this song is sick too.

The LP in itself sounds complete, from start to finish it just tells a story and doesn’t leave you feeling like there could’ve been more. From the beginning Citizen Zero starts off strong with the single “What A Feeling” which was released before the LP, meaning it’s already a fan favorite. The single is followed by another favorite single “Go (Let Me Save You)”. The track list for this LP has a good variation of slow and fast pace, keeping it flowing which gives it a fully finished sound which is not bad for this being the band’s debut studio LP.

If you’re a fan of grungy lyrics, raspy voices, and a lot of guitar this LP is definitely for you. The band is getting ready to go on tour, and after this LP is released there will be plenty of new fans that will take advantage of the tour to see the band live.

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