Cleveland Indians to Do Away With Chief Wahoo Logo

The professional baseball team, the Cleveland Indians, have announced that they will finally be removing their infamous Chief Wahoo logo from all of their team apparel beginning in 2019.

The announcement came following several protests in front of Cleveland’s home stadium to remove the name and the logo from the team’s future. The name is being called racist by Native American groups who take offense to being called Indians. Phillip Yenyo, the executive director of the American Indian Movement of Ohio, is leading the moment.

Yenyo is thankful but still has a problem with the fact that the move will not happen until 2019. It has to take long though because the name of the team will have to be changed too. Changing a team’s entire identity is not an easy thing to do and will take some time to decide on. It is a necessary move though, and needs to be done in an orderly fashion.

The hope is that this move will cause a domino effect around the entire sports world. Native American logos and names are some of the most popular among American sports. One of the biggest issues is the name of the Washington professional football team, the Redskins. The owner of the team has already said he will not change the name of the team no matter what. The NFL must take a page out of the MLB’s book and take matters into their own hands. Giving Washington no choice will certainly lead to them changing the name.


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