There’s not much going on in the world these days. With productions halted in almost every industry, what do fans of entertainment have to help them get through the days, where it seems we are all “walking on eggshells.”

Last week, with approval from city officials and in compliance with health regulations, the VMA’S were held live in New York City. While it was not the usual pomp and circumstance award show we have come accustomed to over the years. The celebrities in attendance did not let that stand in the way of them bringing their “A game” to the show.

On this VMA stage is where the beloved international pop group CNCO, made their world premiere for their new song “Beso.”

Now CNCO is dropping the official music video for their hit new single. With Covid-19 restrictions in place, the 5 members of CNCO decided to have some fun and instead of having a lot of people in the video, they would put their acting skills to the test and play characters very different to themselves.

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