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Disney and Pixar did it again! Another great film about family values and cherishing your loved ones. But this time, there is colorful animation like never seen before.

Miguel, voiced by Anthony Gozalez, dreams of being a musician.

But like any Disney movie, there is one big problem… his family disapproves of his dream.

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The boy’s family hates music, due to Miguel’s great-grandfather abandoning his family to pursue a music career.

Miguel must play his guitar in secret, until dia de los Muertos when Miguel’s world is turned upside down.

The young boy finds himself in the land of the dead searching for his great-grandfather and musical idol, Ernesto de la Cruz, voiced by Benjamin Bratt, to set him free back into the real world.

The journey isn’t easy as Miguel is the only “real boy” in the land of the dead, who can be easily spotted among the skeletons.


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Miguel and his dog, Dante, befriend Hector, voiced by Gael Garcia Bernal, a charming character who is desperate to see his family in the real world one last time before he is forgotten.

Hector agrees to help Miguel find his great-grandfather in exchange for Miguel putting up his picture when the boy returns to the real world.

In the land of the dead, if your family doesn’t put up your picture for dia de los Muertos, the spirits are unable to cross over to the real world and visit. Hector’s family has never put up his picture.

The two embark on a journey where Miguel must play his guitar and sing in order to reach the famous singer, Ernesto de la Cruz.

The adorable film has laughs for all ages and explains in a creative way the history and importance of dia de los Muertos.

Even for those who have never celebrated the holiday, it warms your heart to know the significance of what it means to Mexican culture.

Bring tissues and prepare to remember your loved ones this Thanksgiving. Coco is released into theaters Wednesday, November 22nd. Get your tickets now at ATOM Tickets by clicking Here.

Disney Pixar’s COCO – A+