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“To me, it was a modern cultural masterpiece,” Alanna Ubach, voice of Mama Imelda, said during a Coco press conference Wednesday.

The entire cast, directors and writers were extremely proud to be a part of the emotional and historical animated film, Coco.

Director Lee Unkirch, wanted to tell a story that was emotionally dazzling, but also had a emotional core to it. He said he felt that this could only be done through animation. After many long research trips to Mexico, to learn about the culture and tradition, he felt Coco was able to capture the history of dia de los Muertos.

Little Miguel, voiced by Anthony Gonzalez, said filming was fun and easy thanks to the help of the directors. Originally Miguel was not going to sing in the film, but after 10-year-old Gonzalez sang acapella during his audition, the directors were blown away and decided he was extremely talented and they wanted him to sing in the film.

Gael Garcia Bernal said he was amazed by the amount of research and beautiful holistic approach that was put into Coco. He appreciated the very personal point of view that was made into the film.

“That is what makes a movie good,” Garcia Bernal said on why he was willing to jump into the role of Hector.

“When they asked me to play the role (Chicharron), I was priviliged. It was a real honor because that character is what the story is, if you don’t remember your loved ones, they’re gone. If you don’t tell the stories of your loved ones, they cease to exist,” Edward James Olmos said. When he attended the premiere, he said an an amazing feeling came over the theatre immediately.

“The quality, sound and performances were superb,” Olmos said. He felt he identified with his character in the short minute and a half he was on screen. By the end of the movie he said he was sobbing (as was most of the crowd in the theatre).

“You have no idea what you’ve done,” Olmos tells directors and writers, “You won’t know for fifteen or twenty years, it’s going to take that long for it to resinate throughout the planet and really take hold to what art does to people. People who see this movie are going to come out really moved.”

Disney and Pixar’s “Coco” comes out Wednesday, November 23rd.