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‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Vol.3, is being put on hold as Marvel and Disney regroup for the project. The film crew working on pre-production were dismissed after old political tweets resurfaced.

Director James Gunn, was to have begun photography and pre-production in the fall. However, his controversial posts caused Disney and filmmakers to create a twitter storm.

The controversial firing has opened arguments against Disney, Bautista who plays the alien warrior Drax, continues to draw his disappointment on social media.

On Thursday he tagged Disney in a tweet featuring disturbing clips of one of the conservative figures who led a campaign to get Gunn fired, Mike Cernovich. Disney remained silent, without responding to Bautista’s post. This is not the first time the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ actor has dissed Disney to defend Gunn.

He also made a reference to Donald Trump’s campaign and presidential slogan when he tweeted:

“Thanks @Disney!! Making America great again!!”

While some argue of Gunn’s firing, others characterize the production hold as temporary, until Marvel and Disney take measures to look for a new filmmaker to take on the third installment of a franchise that has grossed over 1.6 billion.

For you Groot fans, don’t get your hopes up! we might have to keep waiting for the next film.

Regina Yurrita

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