Could There Be A Super Boy Band Collaborate Between BTS and CNCO?

When it comes to fellow boy bands, Latin sensation, CNCO, doesn’t see competition. The five guys, who lost out to K-pop’s BTS for the “Best Boy Band” award at the iHeartRadio Awards aren’t eating sour grapes. Nope, they say that they want to actually collaborate with BTS. Wait! What? Are they talking a super boy band collaboration, like NKOTBSB (BackStreet Boys & New Kids On The Block)?

Yep, CNCO shared with us on the red carpet at iHeartRadio Awards that they want to collaborate with BTS. Prior to the “Best Boy Band” award being awarded the boys told us they don’t see competition. Richard Camacho of CNCO said, “We don’t see it as a competition. We just see it as all of us are just trying to get somewhere and make her dreams come true.” He added, “We just feel very blessed and thankful for everything that has happened right now to be in the same category as other boy bands and other artists that we’ve  admired for so long is a blessing and we’re very thankful for all that.”

This year’s new award, “Best Boy Band,” was a very diverse category. The category had artists from America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. CNCO’s Joel Pimentel acknowledge that saying, “I think it’s a really good thing that iHeartRadio is acknowledging other languages, like for example BTS speaks a different language, we speak a different language, Pretty Much Speaks a different language. So it’s really cool that were nominated with all these other boy bands.”

Now, when asked if there was another group that CNCO would want to collaborate with from their category, they were quick to say everyone and then named BTS and Pretty Much. CNCO’s Richard Camacho said, “Everyone, all of them. To be honest BTS, Pretty Much… everybody who’s in our category.” They also went on to name Pharrell, Camila Cabello and Ed Sheeran as well.

Well, here is to hoping that CNCO’s wishes will come true. That they will get to collaborate with all those artists.  Though a super boy band collaboration would be one certainly for the fans.

CNCO were up for four iHeart Radio Awards. They were nominated for Best Latin Artist, Best Remix, Best Boy Band and Best Latin Song. They won for best Remix for their song Reggaetón Lento.

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