Croatian Oscar entry “On the Other Side” to play at LA’s Aero Theater

Presented by Kino Croatia and American Cinematheque, Oscar entry for the 89th Academy Awards, “On the Other Side” directed by Zrinko Ogrestra will screen at LA’s Aero Theatre on Thursday, November 3, supported by European Languages and Movies in America (E.L.M.A).

Produced by Ivan Maloča, the film centers around Vesna, a middle-age, visiting nurse from Zagreb who unexpectedly receives a call from her husband, twenty years after she fled from her home in a small town in Croatia as it was threatened by a violent war that almost destroyed her entire family.

Deemed as a “compelling drama that brings a new twist to post-war guilt” by a press release for the film, with her husband’s sudden reappearance after leaving her to fight in the war for the “other side,” Vesna’s carefully reconstructed life becomes endangered as hidden and dangerous secrets are resurfaced from her past.

Award recipient for Best Director at Croatia’s Pula Film Festival for his 1999 film “Red Dust,” Orgestra said “On the Other Side” is about forgiveness and whether it can be given without hurting others.

“I was trying to convey a humanist attitude, which I believe all of us living here in the Balkans have to adopt if we are going to keep living as neighbors. But it is also about human complexity, all those layers of personality that are complicated and overlapping.”

Founder and producer of Kino Croatia Matko B. Malinger said he is proud to present the film as Kino Croatia strives to represent recent achievements in Croatian cinema to audience and filmmakers is the Los Angeles area.

“This is not yet another film about the conflict which ended more than twenty years ago,” he said “’On the Other Side” deals with the scars of the war that are all too families familiar from the region.”

Following the screening will be a reception featuring live entertainment, sponsored by Grgich Hills Estate, Sunce Winery, neuLASH®, Central Care Pharmacy and Anti-aging, The Artukovich Companies, South Bay Dental Esthetics, The Courtyard Kitchen and Hysteria.

For more information, directions and ticketing can be found on the American Cinematheque website.

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