Cyndi Lauper Rocks out at the Greek!

Los Angeles, CA – Cyndi Lauper performed last Wednesday night at the Greek Theatre and proved to her fans that she is still rockin’ out as if she is at the peak of her career. She is truly amazing—she belts high notes, yodels, and dances all over the stage without any hiccups or signs of slowing down.

cyndi lauper
Photo by Sylvia Bosco

Hard core Cyndi fans came prancing in the Greek October 5th with long-sleeved pink fishnet tops, and hair in side pony tails. The Los Angeles show was part of her U.S. Detour tour, and it was clear that the concert was a detour from her usual concert set list. A couple of ladies nearby vocalized their observation and stated, “This is way different from her last concert…I certainly don’t remember Cyndi playing any of these songs.” While Lauper is mostly known for her pop songs from the 80s which include “Girls Just Wanna Have fun”, “Time After Time”, and “True Colors”, she wanted people to know the kind of artist she really is by performing a collection of songs that are inspired from her country-blues roots.

Between each song, Cyndi shared a story (with hilarious and sarcastic upbeat side notes that inform the crowd of her fun, silly personality) from her childhood, recalling memories that shaped her music and lyrics. Even the set on stage was decorated with Southern charm to really cement fans with the real Cyndi Lauper. The LED backscreen displayed desert and Midwestern scenery framed with cute ribbons, bows and cow boots. In contrast to her quirky jokes and cute set, there were also moments of depth and emotion which stunned the audience. During “You Don’t Know”, a song about heartache, Lauper stood on a gyrating raised stage throughout the duration of the song, which was visually appealing.

Cyndi is the kind of artist that newbie female singers today wish they could be. She not only has multi-platinum hit songs, but she has developed a versatile interesting repertoire of music, ranging from pop to Broadway to blues. It seems like she is only continuing her musical journey by enhancing it in more and more awesome ways.

She has moved on to the next city of her Detour tour, but be sure to listen to her new album Detour available on iTunes, Amazon Music and on her website!

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