Danny Trejo Honored At Hispanic 100 Gala

 Orange County, CA – Laughs, Cheers, and a lot memories were shared during the 6th annual Hispanic 100 Achievement Award Gala.

The event was held in the Balboa Bay resort on Saturday, October 3rd. 

The Hispanic 100 foundation is known for providing educational advancement opportunities to Hispanic youth through mentorship programs and scholarships.

This year’s scholarship honoree was Machete star, Danny Trejo. He was awarded with the Lifetime Achievement award.

Trejo who is famous for playing rough, bad, macho guys is the complete opposite from his big screen characters.

However, he once was a macho, tough guy in real life.

Trejo, who was nearly killed in the late 60s, was a well-know face around California prison system.

“All I knew was how to survive in the streets, and nothing else,” Trejo said.

After multiple incarcerations, Trejo decided it was time to change his life. He didn’t do it alone. He too had a mentor.

He went from the big house, to the big screen. His first role was as a convict in the 1985 movie Runaway Train. He knew that role was meant for him.

Trejo, who has stared in many big screen movies doesn’t think of himself as a big star. He is just like everyone else. He has a job, and he enjoys it.

“I love my job, and one good thing about my job is that it gives me the credibility to talk to people…when I talk to students they don’t know about Danny. But they all know about the characters that I’ve played during my career, I can use those characters to make a difference,” Trejo said.

Trejo was very honored to receive the achievement award.

“This award means more to me than any other award I have received… to be recognized for all that you do is great,” Trejo said.

The Machete star wants to be remembered as a man who gave back to the community, not just for his acting career.

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