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KRAVE‘s Michael Sandoval talks with Trejo’s Tacos and Donuts, Danny Trejo at the LA Times LA Food Bowl held over the weekend at Paramount Studios.

Culture and community are core to our restaurants. Every community has its own culture, and in every culture, food plays a dynamic role. When we first started thinking about Trejo’s Tacos, we didn’t want to compete with the vibrant traditional Mexican food scene in Los Angeles. We wanted to find our own style, our own voice, while still paying respect to the LA Mexican food culture.

With our recipes, we take authentic traditional ingredients and mash them up, bringing in influences from other cuisines and experimenting with new flavors. We see our food as representative of Los Angeles, built off historic roots, but a melting pot of cultures all influencing each other in some way.

We strive to elevate, and when possible be a bit healthier through our ingredients.  We want our restaurants to be places where the community can share experiences. We give back to the community when we can. For Danny Trejo, food has always played an important role and accounted for many of his most positive memories. 

From cooking with his mom, to family dinners with his kids, on-set meals with new and old friends, and of course, the immediate visit to his local taco shop whenever he got released from a prison stay (Danny doesn’t think prison food is that good). In 2015, while filming the movie Bad Ass, the producer asked Danny if he would partner with him in the restaurant business.  The answer was a big “Hell yes,” and now we truly feel like bad-ass restaurateurs.

The LA Food Bowl features the most delicious weekend in L.A. happens at Night Market. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience the hundreds of different flavors and cultures that make L.A. such a culinary melting pot.

Learn more about Trejo’s Tacos and locations by visiting their website at