Deserters Drop EP Try to Feel with Mediaskare Records

DesertersSouthern Cali-bred metal band Deserters drop their dynamically pleasing EP – ‘Try to Feel’ OCT 29 with fellow Los Angeles-based label Mediaskare Records.

Band motto: “Scream the things you could never say. No gimmicks, no bullshit.”

This EP is short and metallically-sweet. For just grazing the twenty minute mark (six songs in all) this album surely doesn’t fail to pack in a whirlwind of lyrically-infused human emotions: finding happiness, overcoming constant struggles, questioning preexisting beliefs, heavy feelings, trust, guilt, self-revelation and yada, yada, yada.

The boys teamed up with producer Kyle Black (Alpha & Omega, Shai Hulud) and recorded ‘Try to Feel‘ which in all “represents where the band each individual in the band is at mentally,” stated guitarist William O’Bryan. He added, “Realizing that there is nothing left for us in the cities that saw us change from resident to visitor, we wanted to make an EP that could expresses that mindset, sonically. Prepare yourself for the ugliest Deserters record that you’ve ever heard. No holds barred, honest music by dishonest people.”

Here’s a little lyrical breakdown from the band itself of what to expect from each number:

The first track, “Want”, is the struggle to feel through possessions, whether they are people, places or things. We become convinced that who we are is only what we have. Happiness is more easily found, when we are alone.

The following track, “God Feels Nothing”, is about guilt and God’s capacity to feel. I believe that if God could feel guilt, or anything at all, he would have bowed out, a long time ago.

Next up, “The Feeling” asks the question “What’s heavy to you?” The reality is that heavy is not a sound. Heavy is a feeling. Heavy is what weighs you down and it is what we seek a release from, when we listen to music.

The second half of the record starts with “How To Brand A Soul”. This song is about my self-abuse through music. I encourage an honesty that I struggle with, on a daily basis. I have opened up about things I would never talk about, even in private and I have encouraged others to do the same. The problem with it is that the whole act is completely selfish. We ask about someone’s bad day, with promises of understanding and comfort, only to feel better about our own.

“No Choice But Suffering” comes second to last. This song is about hate and the mistake of believing it to be a feeling, rather than the lack of. We find satisfaction in hatred, when we inflict it on someone else.

The final track (my personal favorite) “The Pawn”, is about putting our feelings in someone else’s hands. Do we trust in God or do we trust in our fellow man? Will our feelings be used for someone else’s gain, regardless of where our trust is placed? This song is the answer to why we hurt the ones who we “love.”

It’s highly advised that you download Deserters EP ‘Try to Feel’ via iTunes for a measly $6.99.

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