Discovering Sound: Alabama Shakes – Sound and Color

Alabama Shakes - Don VanCleaveIn the very cut and dry kind world of rock and roll that we live in today, nobody blurs the lines better than Alabama Shakes.

The new album, Sound and Color, embodies this notion of ambiguety perfectly. This highly anticipated album was something of a social enigma for some time. Alabama Shakes just sorta blew up on the scene when we first heard Boys & Girls in 2012. Here comes this powerhouse of a band with such raw and aggressive sound in any direction really. And then poof, they’re gone.

I’ll be honest, I was sorta scared about the new album, and you can’t really blame me after you listen to I Ain’t the Same and not think, “Shit, how are they going to top this?”

Then when the singles came out I really thought that it was all over. ( I know I sound morbid, but hear me out on this one. )

We had, Don’t Wanna Fight, Give Me All Your Love, and Future people all come out as singles before they album was released?

I thought they committed musical suicide! All the of those songs are profoundly different and incredible, and all the same dooming.

When an artist releases singles of this magnitude it usually means that the album is at best, ok. A band does this tactic to get the hype for the single and the pay-off they want.

And Alabama Shakes did that, 3 times. So naturally, I thought the worst.

But against the social odds, Alabama Shakes really outdid themselves on this one.

This whole album is riddled with sounded beauty.

Literally, the whole album from start to finish is an audible gem.

Not to mention the band is revealing a side that we’ve not seen before, a much more soulful sultry sound.

Do yourself a favor, go home, get a home cooked meal started, kick your shoes off, listen to the song This Feeling of Sound and Color, and grab someone to dance with. Your girlfriend, boyfriend, dog, cat, goldfish, pillow, doesn’t matter. You and your significant other (whether or not inanimate) will not regret this sultry sound swaying you back and forth.

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