Discovering Sound: James Tillman

James TillmanBringing new found hope to a genre that has long been bland and faceless. R&B and soul in this age has grown to be largely sexualized and shallow. With artists like Trey Songs, Mario, Usher, and others, its not hard to see why. Somewhere down the years R&B has lost its amount of soul and story.

This artist that I’m about to showcase isn’t exactly an example of someone crusading to bring back these foundations that rhythm and blues was built on but rather just an example of hope. James Tillman’s sound is such a melodic beauty and simple draw. A smooth and robust voice that falls gently over the composition of playful guitar plucking and sexy rhythmic drums is made simply by James.

If Marvin Gaye’s sound could have carried to this day and age and voice sounded a bit more like John Legend, you’d get this guy.

Interesting note about James Tillman is that it wasn’t until about 2010 that he decided that music was what he wants to do with his life. That year he made a huge jump from accountant in Washington to James Tillman the soul-man.
Either way, I’m a fan of this guy and I think that he is a huge step in a direction where soul music and R&B got lost.

Thank you James Tillman, for being brave enough to make the leap for something you love, and for also keeping true to the music that you love so much.

James Tillman – And Then:

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