Discovering Sound: Jamestown Revival

James Town RevivalIf you will, imagine yourself outside. Its still warm out, of coarse, but it’s cooling down and the sun is setting. Above you a tree with lights streaming about the limbs sway back and forth to a melody that the breeze plays softly. The lights are dim and brighten only the leaves around it. Giving a hazy luminescent glow to the night above you on its way.

In the glow of the light there are people under the tree drinking and dancing. Grins from cheek to cheek. A sense of togetherness in a tired town sits calmly on the night as we all have worked and waited for this relief. To come together and live out loud.

There is something so true, so humble and real about this setting. Jamestown Revival is something that comes to mind when picturing this setting.

Jamestown Revival is a Western Rock n Roll group out of Magnolia Texas. They made they’re way out to Utah in a remote cabin in the woods to capture they’re first full length album.

All 14 tracks showcase the sweet melodic sound of both the rural Texan heart and soul, with the sweet an unapologetic style of California’s sound. Taking you in and out of the journey of the band and making it out here to California.

Jamestown Revival – California (Cast Iron Soul):

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