Discovering Sound: Le Loup

Le LoupWhat is it about certain songs that enhances a whole experience that seemingly is ordinary? Only simple wave lengths and vibrations of sound cascading throughout the whole entirety your world stemming from your iPhone, car stereo, vinyl, headphones or whatever, like the basis of the entirety of this musical universe that you’ve created.

Seasoned by the mood of the music, a complete universally internal experience is created. A hugely subjective rhythm is developed inside of us that through a song is both unique in feeling and can never be replicated or articulated through word, but at the same time is so damn relatable in relation to sound and rhythm, doing this that  sentence structure of language fail to accomplish. Language takes us only so far, I can describe to you what something can be with every respected resource that all language has, but it takes an experience to be truly understood.

All this happens, when a song hits you just the right way.

So, what the hell, why not express to you guys this revelation. I was driving through Joshua Tree at night and as the late hours of the night/early morning began to reach, I put an album on called Family by a band called Le Loup. As the album settled in the car I began to really listen to the sounds of the music and how it was in a lot of ways changing my whole experience. It was so dark outside my car so the sounds where really intense and sectional. Really delving into what the music was making me feel, changing and developing a whole new world around me (mind you, there was no amount of narcotics or any other substances taken at this time or previous to this particular experience).

Right as four in the morning rolled around I was almost outside of Joshua Tree and the sky had opened up to me just around the same time the morning song came on shuffle through the album (how appropriate) and I stopped my car to have a stretch. I left the song going and turned off my lights, and in that instant I saw exactly what was around me. Every star shined brighter than I have ever seen before. A celestial canopy flickered and danced above my head just as the song reached a climactic build. As I describe earlier how a musical universe was created, that was exactly how I felt and it was there where I came to that brief but beautiful revelation. Strings strummed as the curtain of the sky waved about. Notes where plucked in perfect sequence with the shimmer of the endless array of stars. The rhythm of the drums hit through me then out to the sky and in a singularity I felt throughout my body and the universe around me.

Had it been any other song or band I feel as though I may have never felt that feeling. The tranquil builds and plays of sound structure and complexity within this dreamy and harmonic melody could only be result to why I felt the way I did.

I speak not of opinion but of experience.

Le Loup – Morning Song:


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