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Nico Vega
Nico Vega during a performance at The Forum. Photo by Michael Sandoval/M.U.S.E.

“Stand tall for the beast of America, lay down like naked dead body. Keep it real for the people working overtime, they can’t stay living off the governments dime.”

Fueled with revolution and rage, Nico Vega knows just how to rile up your spirit and give you a kick in the ass for not doing something with your life. Beast became somewhat of a misfit battle cry to the nation for its unapologetic and honest depiction of our state of living and the importance of standing up as one. The whole tone of the album Fury oh Fury stressed that notion of revolt and proclaiming respect for the more natural and human things in life and not compromising.

Nico Vega’s newest album is now stressing a different issue now. Out of the streets and now more of an internal battle of the acceptance and renaissance of the soul. Lead to Light is very much focused on finding ones self and the proclamation of finding ones self.

Not as, in-your-face and heavy as the previous debut album but that is because of the nature of this album doesn’t call for it. In such a sense I find that very honest and true to form. Not to mention Aja Volkman showcases much more of a soulful singing style that I never knew she had in her.

This band merits my stress for you guys to listen to them, they kick ass in all lights of mood. From soft and melodic acoustics tracks like, Wooden Dolls, to ball busting battle cries like, Beast.

Check em out!

Nico Vega – Beast:

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