Discovering Sound: Real Estate

Real EstateIt was a Wednesday, I had the day off and decided in the morning after coffee that I was going to the beach. I left my home and ventured off to a beach. As I got to PCH I put on a record that I had been waiting for the whole drive. Reality by Real Estate, the title track that I was really hooking was Saturday Morning.

As that song played the beauty and blissful summertime nothing matters feeling really took hold.

The song bounces back and forth very simply with a melodic guitar. Soft and round distorted sounds roll and wave off of the melody and sweeten the air as the cool breeze from the ocean glides in my window. Fullness of this song carries off into and around my line of sight. The dark sunglasses looking out at the empty highway to find nothing but these gorgeous sleepy lazy sounds and myself surrounded by the ocean. This band does a fabulous job of really personifying what a true Cali day at the beach is, and how it isn’t just limited to the exact beach but is everything leading up to the beach and also carries off when you are coming home. Real Estate in more ways than one have built themselves in my own brain as that band I listen to when I want to disappear. That band I listen to when I feel as though I want to go and run off the grid for a day.

The band that I listen to when nobody will get a hold of me. When it is just my car, myself, and the road to wherever, that is what I love so much. They  completely personify exactly what it means to really disappear off into the world for a while.

I did it on a Wednesday, you should try it any day of the week.

The Real Estate – Saturday Morning:

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