Discovering Sound: Vacationer

VacationerSalt water kisses sand and feet, and oceanic breeze pushes passed and around you like you are the center divider of Harold Square. Millions of tiny little rock hold the indent of what once held place of you and then quickly gets swallowed up by the sea.

The sun is sinking into the ocean and burns the water into a stunning lavender that ripples about bouncing light up and out into the horizon.

I don’t mean to get overly poetic in certain areas, but this band I’ve been listening to makes me this way. The composition of these guys, Vacationer is much more than instruments coming together. They capture feelings, they carry emotion into sound. The sound can be incredibly sad and somber but then can, at what seems like just a drop of a dime, change into one of the most uplifting light hearted feel-good bands out there right now. I wouldn’t shoot you guys in the wrong direction, have a listen to them.

Vacationer – Good As New (New Vacationer Album – “Gone” Out Now on Downtown Records):

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