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Disney Brings Beauty and the Beast To Life

Beauty and the BeastWord on the street is Disney’s new movie is set to be the biggest opening of the year. The fairytale, Beauty and the Beast comes to life as Disney remakes the 1991 original film into a live-action movie out Friday. Many fans are very curious as to what they should expect from this new movie while others are concerned whether or not this film is appropriate for their children.

It’s no surprise to the amount of attention this movie is getting from its fans, and how curious they are when it comes to what might be different in this updated movie. The live action movie hits theaters nationwide Friday, starring Emma Watson (Belle) and Dan Stevens (the Beast). The movie will have some slight changes to it, but changes that won’t affect the story of this fairytale, but rather enlighten the story as some scenes are added to it, along with new songs. Though this new movie has many similar scenes from the original, don’t let that disappoint you. With this being a live action film, everything seems almost so real from the actors playing their characters to how realistic the castle’s enchanted staff look.

How could this film be inappropriate for children? It’s an original film that has only been made into a live-action movie. Many parents may be concerned about the Beast being too scary for their children. His character does come off very strong, but not in the sense of him trying to scare a young audience. The Beast’s appearances are very lifelike and his feelings towards Belle may come off scary and very mean, but he’s just being the Beast that he is. This remake won’t top its original one but is definitely a must see as the characters come to life to tell an original love story.

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