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E3 2012: Nintendo Shows Off New Console Wii U At Press Conference

Nintendo showed of the next generation console Wii U at their press conference at E3 on Tuesday morning. The new console due out later this year will have a control that will have its’ own display on the controller. This will be a first in the gaming industry and doing so will make the controller larger.

The new controller has a gyroscope and accelerometer in the pad also stylus. It will also include a built-in camera stereo speakers and a headphone jack and volume control for the game pad and can be used to lower the volume on the TV.

The new console will also upgrade the graphics to 1080p high definition in comparison to the original Wii system that was 480p. It will also support to different game pads. The game that was first shown for the Wii U was the third version of Pikmin and also Super Mario Bros. U but also shown 22 other games within the hour press conference. Many of the features on the home page is very similar to the Wii but will change a little becoming more of a social platform.

Below you can see the press conference in case you missed it earlier today.

Nintendo E3 Press Conference:

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