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It was a burning day in East Los Angeles as Senator Bernie Sanders brought in thousands of enthusiastic allies to Woodrow Wilson High School in El Sereno.

Sanders faculty applauded and riled up supporters to thank them for attending the rally.

The event began with L.A. band, Ozomatli who’s known for preforming several styles of music including reggae, hip-hop and funk. During their performance, Ozomatli’s Uli Bella spoke for the band and announced they will being endorsing Senator Sanders, calling the Senator, “day-one-type vatos.”

Ozmatli was not the only group endorsing Sanders, United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) gathered behind Sanders and announced their endorsement. Gloria Martinez, UTLA Board of Directors member, made a speech presenting how honored they are to stand behind Sanders.

“Who better than the nurses and the teachers of this great country of ours to lead a movement that is based on health care and quality public education for all,” says Martinez.

“Power to the People” is the song Sanders walked up to greeting the enthused crowd and the song harmonized perfectly with the idea behind his campaign.

Many of Sanders policies were discussed such as climate change, the DACA program, southern border policy, minimum wage, health care and criminal justice reform. Sanders says with passion “One week into office I will be making these changes,” and goes on to discuss how he will be getting President Trump out of office.

“I am certainly here to ask for your help to defeat the worst President in American History,” shouts Sanders.

While crowd grew more with excitement, so did the heat. People began to pass out due to the unbearable heat. However, after the individuals were taken care of they, were still committed to giving Sanders backing for his candidacy.

It was clear that Sanders has the support he needs in East L.A. and regardless people were happy to feel the Bern.

Gabriella Castania

Gabriella Castania is an entertainment reporter for MUSE TV. She graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. Gabriella is passionate about entertainment reporting and delivering the news with a positive spin. Her love for movies, music celebrities and creative writing lead her to journalism. She has worked for Power 106 interning delivering on air news and for her schools news station.