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Echobox Traveler Titanium Earphones are Designed for Music, Built for Life

On a daily basis I depend on music to get through my day, particularly living in Los Angeles where traffic is a non-negotiable encounter. Sometimes I’ll avoid traffic and go Metro, but it often seems like achieving peace and quiet can be a challenge in such a fast paced city. However, if I plug in my favorite tunes and go for a walk, I am reassured that everything will be okay and I am able to move on with my day.

Thankfully, Echobox has designed high quality earphones for everyday use specifically for those music loving travelers on the go, like me.

The Echobox Traveler audio formula is unlike any other earbud on the market. The Traveler achieves a perfect balance of powerful yet detailed sound by using German-made PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) technology. The tip of the plug is 3.5mm stereo and gold plated which contributes to the excellence in sound. The titanium shells provide the Traveler with a unique combination of durability and lightweight comfort. Echobox Traveler comes with a pair of Comply Premium Earphone tips, which are memory foam ear-tips made to seal the ear canal perfectly so you can cancel out the noise around you. I’ve used Comply with the Traveler while on the Metro and it enabled me to zone into my own world without any distractions. Also included are an extra five different sized ear-tips that fit over the shell to fit your ear shape.

Echobox has done their research in order to create an affordable, well-built audio product geared for all types of music. Founded by a team of music lovers, their products are just a result of the company’s solid ideals: offer a great music listening experience. In addition, Echobox donates 1% of all company profits to charities that use music to make the world a better place.

There are several color options such as blue and orange. My earphones are rose which perfectly fit my personality. You can order yours for Android or for Apple devices. For only, $99.00, which color will you get?

Learn more about Echobox and their other audio models at  http://www.echoboxaudio.com/

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