Editorial: Celebrating 90 Years of The Walt Disney Company in Under 700 words

Walt disneyThe company that they say all started by a mouse is celebrating the man Walt Disney that created a legacy that is strong to this day


On October 16, 1923 The Walt Disney Company started business in a small building in the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles. Over the past 90 years the company have seen its ups and downs, during and after the passing of it’s founder Walt Disney with the company stronger at this moment seeing the best success in a long time.

Though as you look at its’ past you must look back at how this all started and that is the passion and drive of Walt Disney. Though when the company started Mickey Mouse was not even created yet and he signed the deal with M.J. Winkler to produce some short films about a little girl named Alice. The company then known as The Disney Brothers Studio created the series one of the first to feature live action with animation.

Then only four years later in 1927 we would then begin to see what the future would look like for the company as Walt created the rabbit Oswald. Oswald which had features that only a year later you would see of Mickey was popular cartoon that was distributed by Universal Pictures became a popular series, but when Walt walked away from the project and Universal kept the right is was later given to Walter Lantz to continue. Lantz would later create the popular Woody Woodpecker.

In 1928 is when his crowning achievement and the character that would be the face of the company would be released. Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie when released in November of 1928 in New York and though it was not the first appearance of the famous beloved mouse it was the most famous. The short also was the first appearance for another Disney character, Minnie Mouse.

During this time the studio moved to Hyperion in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles. If you passed by the area now you would see a shopping center in which the studio once was. On the sidewalk there is a place marker to show the place in which the company once stood. As we move forward though what set Walt and the company on the map once there first ever feature film. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs released in December of 1937 was released at a time when animation was something played prior to you main feature not a stand alone. Animation was also not for children and mostly for the adult audience it was not till this film that the transition was starting to be made.

Walt capitalized on an under served market but with the themes introduced to the film it would reach the harts of young and old around the world. The studio would then move to it current location in 1939 in the city of Burbank but the creative process marched on with more feature films. Jumping ahead to when he use to take his daughters to outings and on a park bench in Griffith Park he thought of the concept of what we now know as Disneyland.

Walt once said, “Disneyland is not just another amusement park. It’s unique, and I want it kept that way. Besides, you don’t work for a dollar – you work to create and have fun.” Disneyland would be one of the many things he left the world. Though other Disney parks were built Disneyland was the only park that Walt walked in and was able to enjoy.

As we move forward to modern day the company has grown to a media empire stronger than ever before now with Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel and Lucasfilm, Ltd. in the family of businesses Walt’s legacy is safe for the near future.

Overall, what would this world have been like if their was not a Walt Disney? It is very hard to imagine being what it is now. We must always remember that this was not started by a mouse but a man from Illinois that took a risk and traveled with his brother to California for the dream and though he is gone, 90 years later he is still making a mark on the world.

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