EDM: DJ Dodger Stadium’s performance at the Body High Holiday Rave

djds_BH_018As a part of Body High’s Holiday Rave, DJ Dodger Stadium made their last live appearance of the year on Friday, Dec. 12 in Los Angeles.

The DJ duo consisting of Samo Soundboy and Jerome LOL started their set with fog covering the venue and lights making silhouettes out of their duo’s figures, at 1 a.m.

Throughout their set they had the crowd singing to their popular songs from album Friend Of Mine that was released earlier this year. The artists played their known tunes such as “One Who Lost,” “Never Win,” “Memory Lane,” “By Your Side,” and ended their set with “Love Songs.”

The difference between this duo and the DJs you usually hear at nightclubs is the fact that their sets are composed of all their original work.

The duo is one of the few who contribute to this type of live productions. If you are not familiar with this type of work, other artists like Canadian progressive-house DJ and producer Deadmau5, and French techno DJ and producer Gesaffelstein tend to perform under this creative area as well. More recently, producer and DJ Porter Robinson transitioned from DJing to creating his live production for his Worlds tour this year. It creates a whole different type of vibe, rather than hearing the same hip-hop or popular dance tracks.

The chemistry of the two transcended while they DJed and when they hugged right after they were done. Right after their set, the producers jumped out the stage and mingled through the crowd with other artist friends and fans alike. An interesting factor of the Body High Holiday Rave was that since the venue was dark, you didn’t know if you were near an artist or not. Contrary to the darkness, it created a friendly and free atmosphere.

The secret location was across from the Downtown Los Angeles buildings, which tied up perfectly with the DJ Dodger Stadium brand of life in the city. Kudos to the uniqueness and creativity minds behind Body High!

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