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‘Electronic DJ PAEVE drops new EP and its greater than ever’

This just in music fans, Electronic DJ artists PAEVE announced the release of his new EP today which is entitled “Motion/Prosper.”

PAEVE’s new EP contains only two songs which they both have a smoothing and different sound mixes that demonstrates a chill vibe. For this artists, he is very creative when it comes to creating music and fans do not want miss listening to these songs. PAEVE stated while in the process of making is EP is to create more a soundscape as a way for his listener to relief themselves and “escape day to day reality.”

“The main goal while putting together this two-track EP was to create soundscapes that feel very uplifting and euphoric whilst still being vulnerable,” said PAEVE. “Both these songs were made in a constant stream of creativity and really reflect on the way I was feeling at the time. I hope the listener can find relief in these songs and escape day to day reality. At the end of the day, my goal in music is always to create soundscapes that make you experience new things and emotions.’’

For someone who grew up in a creative environment, PAEVE was constantly encouraged to steer himself towards complete artistic freedom without any boundaries. His creativity is highly influenced by many forms of art and design, which can be heard through his music. Most importantly is it brings a relaxing vibe for listeners when dealing a rough or stressful day.

One of PAEVE’s previous hits he has done includes “Feels,” where he teamed up with artist YOSIE, who masterfully complimented the track’s spirit with her dreamy, angelic sound. Since it’s debut, the song has amassed 95k streams on Spotify . To end the year PAEVE released a second track, “Kveoja,” which is infused with a tranquil vibe that is perfect for the little moments of the day where one would like to wind down and relax. 

DJ PAEVE is set to release more music later this year. Taking advantage of the present-day opportunities and the independent way of making music, PAEVE continues to evolve as an amazing person and musician, and encourages his fans to do the same. 

PAEVE’S EP “Motion/Prosper” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes Store, Amazon Music, and TIDAL. Stay tune for more content and follow MuseTv’s social media.

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