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This Friday, December 4 a new animated film from directed Enrique Gato entitled, Capture the Flag. The film was the top rated animated film in Spain and has made its’ way to the United States with distribution by Paramount Pictures.


Scene from the film, CAPTURE THE FLAG, by Paramount Pictures

Capture The Flag follows Mike Goldwing, a plucky, determined 12-year-old kid who lives in Florida. He’s the son and grandson of astronauts. His grandfather Frank was meant to fly to the moon with Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong on Apollo XI, but a few days before the moon mission, his baby son, now Mike’s father, got chicken pox and Frank could not go on the mission. Blaming his son for the frustration of his whole career and horrified at this sense of blame, Frank has distanced himself from the family.

A dastardly Texas billionaire, Richard Carson, plans to fly to the moon, destroy the Apollo XI flag, prove that the moon landings never happened and claim the moon’s vast mineral sources for himself. When the U.S government decides to launch its own moon mission, Mike is determined to stowaway on the rocket to thwart Carson. But above all, Mike wants to ensure
at least one Goldwig gets to the moon to end his family’s frustration and reconcile his grandpa and dad.

Capture the Flag is inspired by the 1960s space race and sees a ruthless billionaire bent on exploiting the source of Helium 3, the clean energy of the future. His plan involves rewriting history to excise the feats of the Apollo XI astronauts and the Moon landing. Enter headstrong 12-year-old surfer, Mike Goldwing, who along with his friends, a small lizard with delusions of Godzilla-like grandeur, and his grandfather, travels to the Moon to thwart evil. Jordi Gasull, a co-writer on The Last Explorer, is creator and co-scripter.

The film is released in theaters this Friday and stars the voice talent of Dani Rovira, Michelle Jenner, Camilo Garcia, Javier Balas, Oriol Tarrago and Carme Calvell.

Capture the Flag – Trailer:

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