Enzo Amore Fired by WWE Amid Rape Allegations

Male Wrestling star Enzo Amore has been fired by the wrestling promoter after being alleged of raping a women. The allegation came from the woman herself, as she accused Amore of raping her over Twitter and shortly after a sexual assault investigation was opened by the police.

Amore’s release followed a horrific and highly graphic accusation from an anonymous woman on Twitter, who claims that Enzo purposefully intoxicated her with drugs and then forced himself on her in a hotel room in Phoenix, Arizona way back in October. She also that she then had to spend 45 days in a mental hospital in order to recover from the traumatic event and that is also why it has taken so long to be announced. The Phoenix Police Department is actively investigating the case.

Amore was initially suspended by the company almost immediately by removing his name from the Royal Rumble card, a decision on his future in the WWE is set to be announced on Tuesday night’s “WWE SmackDown Live” alongside the Cruiserweight title that Amore currently holds.

The Cruiserweight title will be in discussion as Amore currently holds it and was set to have to defend his title in the upcoming, now canceled, match up against Cedric Alexander at the Royal Rumble. It is unclear if Alexander will get the title by default or will face another opponent instead for the right to the title.

As far as the allegations go, Enzo Amore has denied everything that he has been accused of by the unnamed woman victim in question.  He also admits that he was aware of the allegations and the investigation that followed back when it began on Oct. 23, but chose to refrain from speaking to the WWE. That omission is what most likely led to the WWE immediately releasing him.

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