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The Venezuelen artist Evaluna released her new single along with a music video the same day as her first wedding anniversary with her husband Camilo Echeverry.

She married Colombian singer, songwriter, and producer Camilo on February 8th of last year.

The dynamic duo co-wrote the song ‘Uno Mas Uno’ along with pop superstar JP Saxe. It is an emotional elegant ballad that includes a solo piano and an incredible vocal performance from Evaluna.

“Uno Mas Uno” music video showcases Evaluna singing in front of a lone piano and the beach during sunset. Her husband Camilo makes a special appearance towards the end of the music video capturing the couples eternal love.

Her new single gives her fans a little taste of her very anticipated debut EP.

Evaluna has taken the social media world by surprise. After only one year of engaging and uploading videos on TikTok, she has gained over 450 million streams and views. 

She has built a fan base generating 31 million followers in all social media platforms. Just on the popular video-sharing app TikTok alone she has a following of  12 million people. 

The Venezuelen artist averages about 3.7 million monthly listeners on the music platform Spotify.

Last year she had multiple music collaborations which included “Por Primera Vez” with Camilo,  the spanglish version of “ If The World Was Ending” with JP Saxe and “Amen” with Ricardo Montaner , Camilo, Mau y Ricky. 

Evaluna has also taken the role as a music director. She directed the music video of ‘Titanic’ by Kany Garcia and Camilo and ‘Ropa Cara’ , ‘Vida de Rico’, and ‘BEBE’ by Camilo.