Every Day Director Michael Sucsy and Cast Talk About Unique Love Story at Premiere

Michael Sucsy’s latest film, Every Day, hits movie theaters tomorrow. The director who is best known for his 2012 hit, The Vow, starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams returns to tell another tale of love. This time around Sucsy is tapped to bring David Levithan’s best selling novel, Every Day, to the big screen. However, Every Day isn’t your typical romantic movie. Every Day challenges the idea of contemporary love by exploring the notion of loving a soul compared to a person or identity or even gender. The film tells the tale of Rhiannon, a sixteen-year-old girl who falls in love with a mystical spirit who inhabits a different body every day, known as A. During the film, A inhabits multiple characters bodies, which lead to a very unique filming experience for the film’s young and diverse cast.  We caught up with Michael Sucsy at the film’s New York Premiere to see how he accomplished the daunting task of having 15 different actors play one mystical character.

Sucsy shared what drew him to this story. He said, “I wanted to take what I had done successfully with The Vow in terms of a love story and then tie it into something that I thought really had more of a universal message…like literally in the universe, a more spiritual sense.” Sucsy added, “I think my own process of evolution as a person trying to become a better person—this movie really spoke to that and I loved what it said about how we learn to love people for who they are and not what they are.” As for the challenges in telling such a unique tale, Sucsy says, “the novel that David wrote is from A’s point of view and the film really follows Rhiannon’s point of view through the same story so right there there is a big shift, but making sure it felt like the same experience for the reader… was really kind of my number one thing.” He shares another big concern for him was “making sure that it felt like 15 actors were really the same single character and not just 15 different versions of a character.” He explained he tackled that feat by looking for specific actors. He says, “I worked… to make sure there was a continuity in the actors themselves and the best way to describe it is that I tried to choose people that were old souls and even though a lot of these actors are under 20 years old…they really actually, in my opinion, had old souls and so that helped be do half my job.” He also added, “the other thing, I just asked them to really read the script as if they were playing all the versions of A and not just the one that they were actually on screen for so that it felt like one single entity.”

As to the importance of this story in helping to reshape the concept of love, Michael Sucsy’s cast shared their thoughts on the message of this film. Sean Jones, who plays George in the film, one of the bodies that A inhabits for a day, says, “I think it [this movie] says that love isn’t easy. It’s not [doesn’t have] a single definition…it has a lot of different shapes and looks.” Angourie Rice, who plays Rhiannon, says, “the wonderful thing about this story, is that it takes these massive ideas, supernatural ideas, but it also condenses it into a really personal story that I think everyone can relate to it.” She adds, “It’s about falling in love with someone because of how they make you feel and that is a beautiful message.” Debby Ryan, who plays Jolene, Rhiannon’s sister in the film, says, “I think it is really easy in our mind to say Love Is Love Is Love.” She goes on to say, “In regards to this movie, it shows you visually that she’s in love with a soul and that’s so could look like so many different things… it [love] might not look what you think it looks like and could be that much more beautiful because of it.”

Every Day hits movie theaters on February 23rd 2018. Get your tickets now at Atom Tickets by clicking here

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