‘Everybody Knows’ Film Review

A film by writer-director Asghar Farhadi, Everybody Knows follows Laura, played by Penelope Cruz, on her travels from Argentina back to her small hometown in Spain. Alongside her, she brings her two children to celebrate her sister’s wedding however, without the usual accompaniment of her beloved husband played by Ricardo Darin.

The plot later reveals that his absence was due to financial struggles which consequently leaves a large financial burden on Spanish star and former longtime lover of Laura’s, Javier Bardem who plays Paco.

A hardworking land-owner, Paco throughout the film battles between his obligations to his wife to that of his past lover and her impending family’s needs. Pictured below, Spanish actress Barbara Lennie plays the role of Paco’s wife Bea in the subtitled film.

In the midst of marital bliss and an overconsumption of alcohol, Laura’s daughter Irene is abducted after what seems to be, a planned power outage. Soon untraceable text messages surface demanding a large ransom for the safe return of Irene. Laura then turns to Paco for help, which begins to unravel questions and suspicion for various characters and the audience alike.

The creative mind behind the Oscar-Winning 2011 film Separation, Farhadi made his newest film on location in Spain enlisting the assistance of an elite native cinematographer, Jose’ Luis Alcaine in capturing majestic visuals of the staple church and other local sceneries present in the film, reported Time magazine.

Recent Cannes Film Festival opener, Everybody Knows provides authentic emotion and storytelling that make for both a suspenseful and captivating film from start to finish. Focus Features will release the film in select theaters this Friday on February 8. Watch the official trailer here

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