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Here is an exclusive clip from the documentary Minnesota Mean about women’s flat track roller derby which is available now by following the link here

“Minnesota Mean” follows a tumultuous year in the lives of six core members of the Minnesota RollerGirls, one of the most competitive roller derby teams in the world, as they strive to win the Hydra, the top prize in Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby. When the star of the team gets injured, will her teammates find their own power? “Minnesota Mean” is a riveting human drama about the pounding heart of roller derby: powerful, self-sufficient women from all walks of life and identity (straight, gay, trans, etc.). It’s a vital and relevant story of triumph, loss, strength, determination, and a search for balance between individuality and community. How do women who pride themselves on their hard-won independence thrive in a sport that requires them to rely on a team? How do they meet the full-time demands of the sport without sacrificing their own dreams for life outside the rink?

The documentary “Minnesota Mean” takes viewers into the thrilling world of roller derby, following the lives of six badass women as they chase after the ultimate prize, the Hydra. When the team’s top player gets sidelined with an injury, the question looms large: can they still clinch the victory? This isn’t a typical sports tale—it’s a raw and real look at the tough, independent women at the core of roller derby. A triumphant tale of grit and determination that shows how fierce women navigate a sport that demands teamwork as they juggle the demands of roller derby without giving up on their personal dreams.

Produced and directed by Dawn Mikkelson, “Minnesota Mean” features roller derby athletes Brickyard, Hurtrude Stein, Smoka Hontas, Shiver Me Kimbers, Diamond Rough, and Switch Please“Minnesota Mean”  also features a soundtrack is 90% by music of indie hip-hop artist Dessa, who has an extraordinarily strong following in the United States and the UK, with an aggressive but thoughtful style of hip hop. She’s also host of the BBC podcast Deeply Human

You can purchase or rent the movie now on Prime Video by following the link