Experience ‘Back to the Future’ at the same time, place where Marty Traveled

We are a day away from Wednesday Oct. 21, 2015, the day Marty McFly blasts in the DeLorean into the future in ‘Back to the Future Part II.’ Hundreds of theaters will be showing the entire B2TF trilogy for the films 30th Anniversary.

Yes, even AMC Puente Hills 20 located at Puente Hills Mall will be apart of the fun. The location was known as the iconic Twin Pines Mall from the movie and were Marty got his first glimpse of the time machine.

“We are the Twin Pines Mall so we wanted to make sure guests who want to experience the nostalgia would have the chance to see the movies at the real Twin Pines,” said theater manager Daniel Medina.

Medina and his staff are so dedicated, the movie will begin at 4:29 p.m., the exact time Marty travels to the future and lands in Hill Valley, Calif.

To a regular person this day might just be like every other Wednesday, but to “Back to the Future,” fans this day marks a milestone of 30 years in the making. And what better way to celebrate “the future” than by being in the presence of The DeLorean time machine, and Doc Brown’s van, along with other memorabilia, which will be in display through Oct. 25.

That’s not all though, We’re Going Back is also hosting a free screening of the first “Back to the Future” in the parking lot of the Mall on Oct. 25.

So don’t be late because “the future” doesn’t wait.

Twin Pines Mall (aka Puente Hills Mall) Photo Gallery:

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