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Quarantine may have taken the fun out of cuddle season, but actress Kaley Cuoco has just given us a new obsession that pairs perfectly with a glass of red wine to take our minds off the cold.

In her new role as Cassie in “The Flight Attendant” available now to stream episode one for free on HBO Max or at the end of this article. Cuoco says goodbye to her girl next door days and hello to dark comedic thrillers. In a story of how one’s life can completely change in a single night. A flight attendant (Kaley Cuoco) wakes up in the wrong hotel, in the wrong bed, with a dead man – and no idea what happened.

A lifestyle of freedom and fun, in the world’s most unfixed occupation. Cassie is a first-class flight attendant with a flare for making the most of her travels. And who wouldn’t, especially when hotel and travel expenses are covered by your employer. But where in the employee manual does it say how to act when the handsome and suave, Michiel Huisman, makes flirty eye contact with you?

Luckily our dashing hostess, skilled at providing an elevated flight experience, knows just the thing. After exchanging some witty banter with Alex (Huisman) and exploring the exclusive amenities on flight. She accepts his offer to continue their conversation and go on a date throughout Bangkok.

What could possibly go wrong when two beautiful people go on a date?

Well, how about waking up in a foreign country next to a body that looks like it just walked out of a 90’s slasher horror film. Not knowing what happened or what to do; Cassie calls the one person we all turn too, our best friend. But what do you say? How do you tell someone that the man you went on a date with last night, is now lying next to you dead in a pool of blood and you have no recollection of what happened.

How about right after the“Hey, goodmorning,” asking right away for the ending to the Amanda Knox trial.

Clearly in a state of shock and dismay. Cassie cleans up the crime scene and leaves the hotel in a state of paranoia that draws attention. While trying, and failing, to keep calm and cool she is mentally taken back to the hotel room and has conversations with Alex’s dead body about what she did wrong – even if killing may or may not have been it.

No one knows she went on a date with him. No one saw them together after the flight. No one could possibly have recognized her under the shades and head scarf, right? Wrong. If years of CSI crime shows and Dateline have taught us anything; is that there is not such a thing as the perfect crime. All it took was one phone call from an interested party to send Cassie and the rest of the flight crew straight into the waiting arms of the FBI, right as they landed back in the states. Talk about government efficiency.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kaley Cuoco talks about her character and the journey she takes telling the outlet; “Obviously this girl struggles and she’s got a lot of emotional turmoil, and as we find out in the eight episodes, a lot goes back to her childhood, which is something she’s been running from her entire life. And alcohol is what makes her escape from what has truly happened to her. The trauma of waking up [after] this murder, it’s just adding on and bringing her back to her childhood.”

Back in March, production on the series was halted due to the pandemic. However production kicked back up at the end of August with strict safety and social protocols in place to help the cast and crew feel confident. During the virtual premiere for the inaugural episode, an emotional Cuoco thanked her cast and crew for helping bring this project to flourish and for coming back to work in the midst of a pandemic.

In a surprising overnight twist, Warner Media has decided to release the premiere episode ahead of its November 26th debut, for free. Simple go to and scroll down or you can see episode one below.

“The Flight Attendant” officially takes off on HBO Max with three episodes premiering Thursday, November 26. The limited series continues with two new episodes on December 3, followed by two new episodes on December 10, leading up to the finale episode on December 17.

The series also stars Michiel Huisman, Rosie Perez, Zosia Mamet, Michelle Gomez, T.R. Knight, Colin Woodell, Merle Dandridge, Griffin Matthews and Nolan Gerard Funk.

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