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His most recent job, was taking on the role of the Caped Crusader. Now he is taking on our tax returns; Ben Affleck is The Accountant.

The Accountant is like this generations’ The Transporter. Christopher Wolff is an accountant, and a good one. He knows the federal codes forwards and backwards, owns his own CPA office, drives a ford truck and lives in a nice suburban home. But just like Jason Stathams’ character in the Transporter, Wolff is also more than his job description.

He is a Pencak Silat (Indonesian martial arts) trained, accountant; to some of the most dangerous criminal organizations, known to the government. Sounds like quite the badass. Except, what makes him such an impressive accountant. Isn’t his knowledge of federal codes or his fighting abilities; it is that fact that he has accomplished all this despite having autism, which made growing up with in a military family difficult for him as a child.

The AccountantAfflecks performance is an autistic man is; tender, sweet, and genuine. You end up caring more for him as a person, rather than really caring to find out why he’s involved in the things he’s doing. He doesn’t have a childlike quality, but more of an innocent one. He is honest (although some would say blunt it more appropriate) but not rude. He states facts when asked questions and asks questions of his own. Which really shows you just how aware he is of his surroundings, even though he keeps mostly to himself.

He is joined on screen by Jon Bernthal (Fear the Walking Dead, The Punisher), Jeffrey Tambor (Transparent) Anna Kendrick (Into the Woods, Pitch Perfect 1&2) J.K Simmons (Whiplash) and others; who play integral parts in solving the puzzle that is this elusive “Accountant.”

Like any puzzle, there are many pieces laid out before you; and each one of these characters holds one of those pieces in the form of questions. “Why does he live here?” “How did come by these things?” “Why does he do what he does?” are just some of the many questions that get asked and one by one, each of these questions come together to form the picture of who is Christopher Wolff.

Simmons pieces help put together his side of honor and moral code. Bernthal pieces put together his side of loyalty and love. While Kendricks piece are the most important of all. Her job as the most seen female, isn’t stuck as a damsel in distress or love interest. What she does, through hardly any effort other than genuinely engaging with him. Is bring out his compassionate, caring and innocent side. Through flashback we see how Christopher came to be. But by seeing him engaging with Kendrick, we understand how he sees himself.

While this movie may resemble The Transporter, its plot is not quite as satisfying.  It is almost like watching an algebra problem in movie form. Where Afflecks character is ‘X’ and Kendrick, Simmons, Bernthal and Tambor are the numbers that we have to move around and play with, until we get one equation that will give us a reasonable variable. Which unfortunately it seems like we never do get because everything just seems to stop.

However, character wise this movie delivers; and given the unfinished business that the supporting characters seem to have. There is hope for this movie to turn into a successful character driven franchise.

The Accountant

The Accountant

Rated: R

Runtime is 2hrs 8min

Directed by Gavin O’Connor





Lidia Mosqueda

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