Film Review: Disney Tomorrowland


“What if there was a place, a secret place, where nothing is impossible.”

Tomorrowland, takes the spectator to an utopian world, where only “special” people are fortunate enough to go.

It is no surprise that being a Disney movie, Tomorrowland is loosely based on a theme-park attraction. The underlying message, I would say, is being optimistic in a world where people have not only accepted the long predicted doomsday, but have given up in general.

The film begins with a flashback to 1964 World’s Fair. There, we meet a young Frank (Thomas Robinson), an optimistic 10(ish)-year-old boy, who, decides to take his invention( a jet-pack) to the World’s Fair..

There, he meets Athena (Raffey Cassidy) and she gives him a pin that zapps him into the magical Tomorrowland; where his jet-pack works and where anything and everything is possible.

Back in the present, Athena sneaks in a pin in Casey Newton’s (Britt Robertson) belongings, that when touched, transports her to the futuristic city-Tomorrowland.

Disney’s TOMORROWLAND Casey (Britt Robertson)
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Athena introduces Casey and Frank (now an older grumpy man, George Clooney) who has a high-tech room where he has been motoring Tomorrowland, in hopes of finding out when the world is going to end and it looks like is will be soon. All three set in a mission to save the world in a rocket hidden inside the Eiffel Tower, where they take- off to Tomorrowland. They confront the Nix (Hugh Laurie), who has always known when the world will end but has never mentioned it because he fears that the people living on Earth will destroy Tomorrowland just like they are with the world. They end up saving the world, of course.

The movie itself is good. Be aware, however, that if you are not optimistic, willing to change things, and never you give up despite people telling you otherwise, you will not be invited to Tomorrowland. So before leaving your house, bring your positive energy and remember: everything is possible!

Tomorrowland is perfect for families and their children. It is also a good reminder for adults to never loose that child inside despite your age.

Tomorrowland, used Dolby technology which enhanced the images and has a much bigger color spectrum. The darker colors looked darker and the brighter colors looked brighter. It is truly a technology that will be used in all-upcoming movies- I would say, or at least it should. Although the colors that were mainly used in the movie were black and white, it really favored the movie and was a nice stand out compared to other films and their opaque colors.

Film Review: Tomorrowland: A-

Disney Tomorrowland:

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