Film Review: Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted

Muppets Most Wanted

Muppets return to a theater near you with Muppets Most Wanted the sequel to the 2011 hit film


Muppets Return with a Bang in this fun, action, adventure comedy. It picks up where the last film left off, with all the extras gone and the Muppets are back together with Kermit as the leader of this band of misfits. In comes Dominic Badguy play by Ricky Gervais to sway the Muppets into going on a European World Tour.

Meanwhile Constantine who happens to look identical to Kermit, who’s only trait that separates the two is a mole, is the number 1 most wanted criminal but he manages to escape prison and teams up with Dominic to steal the crown jewel. Dominic convinces the gang to follow his lead which causes conflict between The Muppets.

Ultimately lands Kermit in jail due to Constantine gluing a mole on his face framing Kermit. Now Kermit is sent to a Russian Prison where he meets a guard name Nadya played by Tina Fey who won’t let him escape while secretly she is in love with Kermit and wants him to stay knowing the truth. Constantine paints over his mole and pretends to be Kermit on stage allowing The Muppets to do whatever they want in order for him to get away to steal at each location they perform in.

Closely behind is Sam the Eagle and Jean Pierre Napoleon played by Ty Burrell are criminal detectives trying to figure out who is behind the crimes. I won’t ruin the end by telling you so I do recommend seeing it for yourself, what I love about the Muppets is that each character has something you can personally relate too. My favorite Muppet is Miss Piggy and she doesn’t disappoint in this film with her clothes or wedding dress designed by Vivian Westwood a la Sex and the City 1st Movie.

Through this experience the Muppets grow a stronger bond than before and learn to appreciate Kermit even more. That was the thing I did miss the most was more Kermit and Muppets together in this film. It didn’t have as much heart as the last film but it does stand on its own and doesn’t leave you bored. You have plenty to look forward too with all the special appearances and mayhem that the Muppets are known for. I recommend watching it weather you are an adult or child you will enjoy the music, the fun and laughter that the Muppets always deliver around the world.

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