Film Review: Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue

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Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue opens in theaters everywhere July 18th. This is the second movie following Disney’s Planes, and is directed by Bobs Gannaway.

The story mostly takes place in Piston Peak National Park but begins in Propwash Junction, and follows the character of Dusty Crophopper as he faces one of the biggest challenges of his racing career. At the beginning of the movie it is quickly learned that Dusty’s gearbox is no longer functioning correctly and that their are no more of his model gearboxes being made.

Since Dusty is a world class racer, one of the fastest there is, the news of not being able to race affects him deeply, the loss of his ability results in a flying rampage causing an accidental fire in his town after his gearbox fails and he lands in a crash.

The town’s firefighter, MayDay, manages to clear the fire but destroys part of the town when he drops the water tower. As a result, the Transportation Management Safety Team, shuts down Propwash and threatens to remove MayDay unless they can find another firefighter for the town.

Dusty volunteers to become the second firefighter and is sent to the Piston Peak National Park to become a certified firefighter, under the guidance and mentoring of Blade Ranger, a tough hard-knocks boss and veteran fire-and-rescue helicopter.

From here, Dusty meets the funky air tanker Dipper, the knowledgeable Cherokee Indian Windlifter, and the fearless sky-diving SmokeJumpers. 

While, back home in Propwash Junction, his fellow friends are trying to find Dusty a new gearbox.

©2014 Disney

Dusty has a hard time learning the ropes to becoming a firefighter, he doesn’t listen to orders from Blade Ranger and doesn’t have the passion for it until he saves an old RV couple from a burning bridge, and learns what its like to be a real firefighter.

The story takes a while to unfold and moves very slowly. From the start it took some time to understand what the problem was and where exactly the story was heading. There was a lot of talking and not very much action. For a children’s movie, I expected more laughable comedy and more captivating action to pull the viewer in. But, it wasn’t until the middle of the movie when things began to pick up.

Most of the laughs came from the appealing crush that Dipper has on Dusty, she portrays the thoughts and beliefs of a young fan-girl madly in love with a big celebrity. And Dusty reciprocates these feelings by not realizing that in Dipper’s head, he already belongs to her.

The 3-D portion of the movie was captivating, the setting was extraordinary full of trees and fire. Disney continues to succeed in adding scenes that were specifically for the enjoyment and enhancement of the 3-D experience.

The story was simple, yet complex with issues that affected the lives of the characters but the overall feel of the story was a heartfelt one, where characters changed for the better and viewers got an insight to the meaning of being a hero and having a second chance to prove to yourself that you can be better.

Disney’s Planes: Fire and Rescue – C

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