Film Review: Frank vs God

Frank vs GodAfter his house is destroyed by a tornado (what his insurance company deems an “act of God”), former hotshot lawyer David Frank is determined that someone must pay. He decides to serve God…with a lawsuit. Witty and thought-provoking, this comedy romance flick, Frank vs God which raises the questions about faith and religion.

Written and directed by Stewart Schill he develops an storyline that is easy to follow and for some to relate to. The plot is based on real life disaster scenario, and the cast delivers a humorous and believable performance. The story follows David Frank (played by Henry Ian-Cusick) as he lives a miserable life with his loyal dog Brutus after he lost his wife in a car accident. The only family he has are his niece and brother and sister in-law and pays them a visit.

Unable to move past the grief of losing his wife, this former lawyer has all but given up. That is, until a tornado not only destroys his house, but takes from him the last real connection to the world, his beloved dog Brutus. When the insurance company deems the loss an “act of God,” David is desperate, and is convinced someone has to pay. He decides to serve God… with a lawsuit.

David’s provocative and clever legal antics turn the courtroom into a riveting spectacle as he cross-examines representatives of the world’s religions. Even hiring his prostitute (played by Natalya Oliver) friend to avoid a scandal both partner up to bring justice. Oliver adds a fun and energetic component to the story and certainly has the attitude and charisma to not take crap from anybody.

When Frank meets his match—charming and intelligent defense lawyer Rachel (Ever Carradine)—sparks fly and his assumptions are challenged. David’s act of desperation just might be his salvation. Frank questions his faith and that of Rachel by asking Why does god let bad things happen? But after a twist in the story when winning the court case does he still renounce god and faith in miracles? Or maybe all he really needed was love to give meaning to his life once again.

Frank vs God – B

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