Film Review: He’s a Shrinking Hero ‘Ant-Man’

Ant-ManScott Lang(Paul Rudd), a master thief takes one job that can possibly jeopardize him from seeing his daughter Cassie.  Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) recruits Scott as Ant-Man to help him save the world. As Dr. Pym trains Scott to use his armed suit, Scott is given the opportunity to embrace his inner-hero.

The Ant-Man suit allows Scott to shrink in size while he still has superhuman powers and is able to control an entire army of ants.

Although Scott was given a serious job to do, this film has a few comedy scenes that fit perfectly into to film. Dr. Pym guides Scott as he begins to plan his job, but when help is needed Scott calls his friends Luis (Michael Peña) and Dave (Tip “TI” Harris) to help him complete the job. The Shrinking hero must use his new skills to steal the Yellowjacket from Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) who plans to use the new and improved technology as an evil weapon.

This film has very good effects that allows the viewer to stay “glued” to the screen. With or without a pair of 3D glasses this film draws your attention by the dramatic effects that it has from beginning to end.  Aside from the good effects, this was a good film and worth seeing. It won’t leave you bored, but it does leave you wanting to know how Ant-Man will shrink while he completes his job.

Marvel Ant-Man has special screenings tonight and opens officially tomorrow at a theater near you.

Marvel Ant-Man – A

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