Film Review: Stacey Peralta Releases New Documentary About The Bones Brigade

Bones BrigadeThe 80’s skateboard team considered by many skateboarders to be the best team of all time is the newest documentary entitled, “Bones Brigade: An Autobiography” from famed director Stacey Peralta.

George Powell and Stacey Peralta changed the way they marketed the skateboard product when they redesigned and re-engineered skateboard products which began in 1978 when they started the company, Powell Peralta. Rejecting the expected action shot marketing, they used their young team to create esoteric images conveying the culture’s sarcasm and disenfranchised dark humor. While spitballing about his stable of skaters, Stacy commented that he never wanted to call them a “team,” a label that invited all kinds of jock baggage. Long time creative cohort Craig Stecyk III shrugged and simply said, “Bones Brigade.”

The Bones Brigade was Tommy Guerrero, Steve Cabellero, Rodney Mullen, Lance Mountain and Tony Hawk. By 1984 they became the most dominated team in history. If the Zephyr team started the sport, Bones Brigade made it what it is today. The popularity of the sport now would never have gotten to this level without them. The documentary really show the full story of how it began and the good and bad of being a team that changed the sports world.

The documentary is a great look into the individual lives of each of these men who developed and transcended popular culture to eventually get skateboarding to be considered a sport worldwide. The documentary is a much watch and when screened at the Sundance Film Festival early this year it received five standing ovations. Peralta is in his element when documenting the sport that he loved and became a champion in on his own merit when he was younger.

Peralta last directed the documentary was on the famed Venice Zephyr skateboard team that placed Dogtown on the map and created the skateboard sport and culture in Southern California. Bones Brigade: An Autobiography is currently being distributed in a different way out of the Hollywood norm. The movie can be picked up at the Bones Brigade website or on iTunes is a must see if you love the sport or not.

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