Film Review: This film is a bit shaky ‘San Andreas’

Dwayne Johnson, the star of the new film ‘San Andreas’ attended the San Andreas Fan Fest at the TLC’s Chinese theater on May 21. The crowd cheered for Dwayne as he walked down the stairs and across the floor.  While walking down the stairs he recorded the fans cheering. He took pictures with fans and hugged those he could.  He pulled out his own phone and took a a quick selfie with the first few rows in the theater. This event was on live stream all over the country for everyone to see internationally.

During Q and A Dwayne allowed fans to ask questions regarding the film itself.  The actor answered truthfully to all the questions asked from fans through Twitter and in the theater.  A fan on Twitter asked, “How was the experience of working with green screens for this film? Did you try to get an earthquake simulator?”  Dwayne said, “When it’s the biggest earthquakes of all time you get the greatest filmmakers involved and you guys will see that there is really some spectacular green screen shots.

The visual effects are incredible. We shot a lot of things too. The green screen aspect is always interesting. It exercises the different muscles and takes a lot of imagination.” Before time ran out Dwayne thanked everyone for attending the San Andreas fan fest and hoped they liked the film. The event ended with Dwayne inviting everyone to watch him get cemented after the film. He said “Lets have a good time watching my hands and size fifteen feet get immortalized”.

The film is such a thriller throughout the entire time watching it.  With it being 3D it gives the viewers a closer feel of actually being in the film.  In the film, the San Andreas fault triggers an earthquake of 9 magnitude and quickly spreads.    A search and rescue pilot Ray (Dwayne Johnson) and his estranged wife  Emma (Carla Gugino) make their way to rescue their daughter Blake (Alexandra Daddario) who is in San Francisco.  During their journey to San Francisco a series of earthquakes hit and begin tearing California apart making it harder for them to find their daughter. Time begins to run out for Ray and Emma when a Tsunami travels quickly through the city.

The effects in this film are great which makes this film more of an eye opener than anything else.  Brad Peyton, the director of this film has an imagination like no other.  This film doesn’t have to be shown in 3D in order to feel a part of the realistic effects that it has.  Overall it was a good movie and I would agree when Dwayne when told the fans in the theater that it was an epic movie and we wouldn’t understand until we saw it.

San Andreas:  A-

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