Film Review: The Other Woman

The Other WomanWritten By: Leeane Melendez and Michelle Denhardt

The Other Woman director Nick Cassavetes of “The Notebook” fame, is once again reaching out to the women of the world. Only this time he’s traded in his tear filled romance for raunchy, female driven comedy.

Cameron Diaz leads the cast as Carly, a lawyer who has fallen for her rich and handsome beau Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau of Game of Thrones) and decided to “clear the bench” of her many suitors and focus her attention on him. When she decides to spring a romantic surprise visit to his home, she is shocked to discover that he is married, though not nearly as shocked as his wife Kate, played with emotions to spare by Leslie Mann.

As her world starts to unravel around her she turns to Carly for support and a strange friendship emerges. Their bond over mutually hating this man grows stronger when they discover another mistress, Amber, played with surprising charm by Kate Upton. The female bonding continues and the three of them decide to use their unique assets to teach this scoundrel a much deserved lesson. 

Diaz is the weakest of the ladies, without the comic timing of Mann or the surprising charm of Kate Upton. To their credit, all three are willing to throw themselves into the physical comedy needed to sell this farce and none are afraid to look foolish. Fans of Game of Thrones will be torn to see their beloved Jamie Lanister being played the fool by a group of women, but Nikolaj has enough charisma and acting chops to separate the characters. A handful of cameos aside, the comedy rest solely on the shoulders of our three leads, for better and for worse.

As far as “chick flicks” go, this falls somewhere between the utter hilarity of “Bridesmaids” and the eye-roll inducing rom-coms of Katherine Heigl. While many of the jokes fall flat, there’s enough female-empowerment and revengement-comedy to make this a pleasant diversion for a couple of hours with the girls.

The Other Woman – C

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