Final Avengers Infinity War Trailer Is Here

The end. Is near.

It has been the most highly anticipated Marvel film, since 2010. When Nick Furry introduced the idea of a superhero team-up, to Tony Stark in Iron Man 2. Since then, every film and plot twist has led up to this. A superhero team up that was 10 years in the making; Avengers Infinity War.

The entire time I knew him, he only had one goal…to whip out the entire universe.

Throughout every film in the MCU, there has been one underlying thread that combines them all; Thanos. An villain that has been set on collecting all six infinity stones, for the sole purpose of obtaining power, so great that humanity will be at his mercy. If the trailer above is any indication, our beloved heroes may have finally met a match to great for their own.

It was in Captain American the First Avenger, that fans where introduced to an infinity stone and its power. The Tesseract (Space Stone) has the ability to teleport between worlds, but it wasn’t until Guardians of The Galaxy, when the collector informed Starlord and his team. That while these six stones endow their bearers with a variety of powerful abilities. When joined together, as Thanos plans to do. The stones will have the ability to reshape reality itself. 

As of date, we have come across five stones, throughout the MCU. The Space Stone (Avengers), The Reality Stone (Thor: Dark World) The Power Stone (Guardians of The Galaxy) The Mind Stone (Avengers: Age of Ultron) and The Time Stone (Dc Strange). With phase three now closing out, many are left wondering of the sixth stone; the Soul Stone. Will finally make its long-awaited debut in Avengers Infinity Wars. The answer…yes!

While the trailer doesn’t give any clear indication as to how the soul stone will come into play exactly (or if it really is going to be featured in part 1 of Infinity Wars). Fans of the franchise and comics alike both know; that as long as ONE infinity stone is kept away from the rest. The gauntlet will not be able to give its beater full reality altering powering. So, the question is; will Avengers Infinity War be a game of ‘finders keepers’ with the soul stone or will it be about keeping Thanos from at least joining together the other five stones while simultaneously trying to stop him.

Avengers Infinity War is out April 27th. Tickets are now available and they can be purchased via ATOM Tickets by clicking HERE.

Avengers Infinity War

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