Flipping Death Is Making Its Retail Debut For PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

From the award-winning creators who brought us Stick It To The Man comes a new title, Flipping Death, coming to retailers soon. Video game publisher Rising Star and critically acclaimed developer Zoink Games recently announced that Flipping Death would be receiving a physical release in the US and Europe for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Physical copies of the game will include collectible cards that will also be redeemable in-game.

The collectible cards in the retail version of the game bring Flipping Death’s characters to life and showcase the artwork of the series at the same time. Furthermore, the cards will tell you a little something about the character featured on them.

Flipping Death takes place in Flatwood Peaks, a small and lively town with a problem: the Grim Reaper is on vacation. Gamers while get to play as Penny and help trapped ghosts as she traverses through the spirit world of Flatwood Peaks. Flip and twist the world around to solve puzzles and uncover the mystery surrounding your own death.

Flipping Death is no ordinary platformer as it aims to give gamers an adventure rich with colors and artistic styles while also enabling users with the ability to flip the game world upside down with the touch of a button. Certainly staying true to its name, Flipping Death, also grants players with possessive powers over the living to solve puzzles.

Personally, I think it’s time I added another title to my Nintendo Switch library, so I will definitely pick up this game just in time for its Spring 2018 release. You should check it out too!

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