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FlossTime Presents an Automated Floss Dispenser!

Having a beautiful smile goes a long way no matter where a person lives in the world. But especially in Los Angeles where first impressions make or break a career, a bright, healthy smile is the key to success. For me, the biggest part of maintaining an eye catching smile is keeping my pearly teeth in pristine condition by brushing and flossing twice a day. Brushing is mandatory in order to have proper dental hygiene, but not everyone feels the same way about flossing. According to the American Dental Association, only four in ten Americans floss every day. Yikes! Okay, I’ll admit it… Some days I fall under that statistic because I am too tired and lazy to floss.

Thankfully, there is an awesome new product by FlossTime that has made my flossing routine easy, fun, and rewarding. FlossTime is an automated floss dispenser that sticks on to your bathroom mirror and acts as a visual reminder to floss every day.

The circular front face of the gadget is a button and with a single press, out comes the perfect amount of floss. This is perfect for me because I never know how much floss is enough floss to take out. Sometimes I pull out a string of floss [from the conventional floss box] that is too short and I end up having to throw it away because it’s not long enough! FlossTime gives 18 inches of string – just enough to wrap around your fingers and get through all teeth.

My favorite part about the product is that it smiles and frowns at me based on my flossing routine. When I’m done flossing, FlossTime will congratulate me by lighting up with a blue smile. On the days in which I don’t floss, after 24 hours, FlossTime reminds me with a frowning orange light I love this feature because it’s cute and it feels like a fun game, in which every time I floss, I win! Shame on me when I don’t floss.

FlossTime is meant to create healthy flossing habits not just for adults but for kids too. When ordering FlossTime you can chose to get an animal shaped outline that snaps-on the front. This way, flossing becomes playful for kids rather than daunting.

For $29.99, FlossTime comes with 1 replaceable floss cartridge, 1 floss pick (in case you would like to floss with a pick), 2 double A batteries, and 1 mirror adhesive sticker. Order yours at http://www.flosstime.com/

Overall I love having FlossTime in my bathroom because it helps me stick to a quick and manageable flossing routine.

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